DMSC MtMek TH, Test Kit of Hands gel methyl alcohol



Preliminary test Kit contain an Methanol in valued classification in Alcohol products. Their for conveniences using evaporate liquid cleaning hands in 2 minutes tested resulted.

Operator replaces to Methanol-Methyl Alcohol on products producing with Food and drug Administration of Health and safety concern acceptance.  The Broads Dr, Ophart delivered TH Government organization message getting along with Covid-19 self concern of acknowledge to general such as connecting people, mask wearing, clean soap water hygiene. Other mentioned with Alcohol cleaning issued demanding at first state standardize performing  levels processing roll ethyl alcohol,  Isopropyl alcohol only. While Methanol-Methyl alcohol endanger ingredient. Sustainable physical form tested improvement in lap only, Lose skin oil, Dry condition, Rash, Conjunctivitis, Allergic, Breading effective, Body affects be it.

Department of medical sciences MtTek Test kit Methanol Alcohol stood up at 2% (Me1-Me6). General positive point approval at science TH.

Consumers products places a sign by department certifies required.


TH Department of medical sciences : +66 0-251-0000, 98463, 98450




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